Which Pokemon of Dawn's are you?

Find out which Pokemon of Dawn's you are by taking this quiz:  

1) Which Pokemon do you think you'll get?

A) Piplup.

B) Buneary.

C) Togekiss.

D) Quilava.

2) What is your personality?

A) Proud and a bit reckless.

B) Loveable and happy.

C) Graceful or elegant.

D) Shy and introverted.

3) What do you enjoy doing most?

A) Eating.

B) Trying on new outfits.

C) Protecting and looking after friends.

D) Spending time with friends.

4) When are you happiest?

A) When you've done a cool trick that you're proud of.
B) When you're spending time with your crush.
C) When you're helping your friends or family.
D) When you're having fun with your friends.

5) Which Pokemon type do you like best?

A) Water.
B) Normal.
C) Fairy.
D) Fire.



Mostly A - You're Piplup! You're proud of your abilities, and you feel confident in your abilities.

Mostly B - You're Buneary! You're a fashionable person, and you're friendly and nice to people. You're a popular person to be around!

Mostly C - You're Togekiss. You're a well mannered and eloquent. You take good care of your friends and family. You're always happy to lend help to someone who needs it.

Mostly D - You're Quilava! You are a bit shy and nervous. But you're talented and a kind person.