Welcome to my site!

Hi! I'm Greninlucarizardlup. Welcome to my website! Here you'll find quizzes, fun, and a community forum that has a variety of good discussions on it. I hope you enjoy it on here! :)


Another new page has been added


I've just added another new page to this website. It's the page about the D/P series of Pokemon. I've also another page on this website slightly.


I've added a new page


I've added a new page that contains a review of the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Wallace Cup arc. 

I'm now affiliated with The Cave Of Dragonflies


I'm now an affiliate of The Cave of Dragonflies. This is super cool! Butterfree runs an awesome site.

A new trivia quiz added


This is the second update of today. I just finished making a new page on here that contains a trivia quiz.

A couple of new pages have been added


I've added a couple of new pages to this website. I've also added some more stuff to the 'About me' page.

A new quiz has been added


I've just added my first quiz to this site. You can find it on the sidebar menu to the right. I'm going to start working on adding another quiz too.

The start of this website 


 I've added some sections to this website. I plan on starting a quiz or two on here soon, so stay tuned for that.